If you’ve recently moved, it’s important for you to inform the US postal service of the change of address or else you’re not going to receive any of your mail. You’re going to need to receive your mail because you may receive bills, notifications, and other important paperwork, but it wouldn’t get to your new address unless you make the postal service aware of the change. Although it may seem like yet another task to complete when you’re busy with handling the move, it’s a fairly simply process to get through.

Contact the Postal Service Online

There are a few different ways for you to contact the local postal service. However, the easiest way to make an update to your address is to go on the website. Once you’re on the website, you’ll be able to look for and find the option that mentions updating your address after making a move. After clicking on that link, you’ll be taken to a page where you’d need to fill out some information, such as your full name and your full new address.

Change US Postal Address

As a way of confirming the update, the postal service will send a message to the email address you provided when filling out the form. The message you receive in your inbox will provide details that show you the postal service has received the information to change your address from the old one to the new one so that you can start getting all your mail sent there. The message you receive is basically a confirmation email.

Give Them a Call

If you’re unable to complete the process online for whatever reason, there is another way for you to make this change. You’re going to need to call your local post office and let them know of the change. During the phone conversation, the representative on the other line is going to ask you several questions to get more information on your new address. You may then choose to have your mail forwarded so that it doesn’t go to the old address ever again.

Change US Postal Address

When you’re busy packing your belongings and focusing on moving into the new home, it’s easy to forget something as simple as contacting the US postal service to inform them of the change of address simply because you’re so busy handling other tasks. However, not providing this information could lead to your mail being sent out to your old address. The people who now live there may not know where you currently live, so they may be unable to give you anything that comes to the address with your name on it.

If you want to make sure you’re receiving anything and everything that gets sent to you, take a few minutes to make this change by going online or even contacting your local post office. It’s a simple process that won’t take long at all. As long as you include all the important details about the new address, you’re going to start getting your mail there.

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