Are you relocating your business? Are you planning on changing your business address in the near future? Well, you need to notify state, federal and local agencies or departments when you finally change your business address. For instance, if you’re moving into a new jurisdiction, you need to notify the new agencies in place and also notify the old ones when you leave.

Do you have any local, state or federal permits or licenses?

• IRS �”

If you’re moving your business within the state, you don’t have to change any existing documents with the IRS. However, you must complete the change of address form where you can designate whether you’re just changing the mailing address or any notifications regarding incomes and tax issues.

• State Secretary Of State �”

You should also make the necessary notifications with the secretary of state’s office. Note that, each state has a different procedure so you should be adhere to the rules completely.

• State Department Of Revenue

You should make the notification about your new address so they know where to send information on state income taxes, sales taxes and taxes on any other state taxes. Also, notify the old state revenue department to cancel your account before establishing the new one.

• City And County �”

For any permits and licenses, you should contact the locality and county where you will be doing business and inform them about address change. Notify the old location of the change as well as the new location.

If you’re moving your business out of the city or county, notify the old location that you’re gone and get a new license in the new county or city. On the other hand, if you’re moving to a new state, register your business as a legal entity with the new state. If you’re never going back to the old state, you can always let the registration lapse completely. Of course, there are some states where you are required to make the relevant notifications if you’re leaving completely with no hopes of coming back. Note that, each state has different requirements regarding registration, you should check with the relevant authorities for the best results. Make sure the old licenses and permits are cancelled in the old state. As for the federal laws, as long as you have made the changes with the IRS, you’re good to go.