5 Tips for Your USPS Change Address

Moving is always very stressful. Organizing, packing and unpacking things really test your patience. For relocating to a new country or even to the next street, you need to consider everything which is right from discontinuing the connections of utilities till filling the USPS change address form. While you rely on the movers and packers for shifting your luggage, the other details can easily fall into place if you do not postpone them and wait for the last day. One of the most important things that you ever have to consider is changing the mailing address with the local post office.  Here is a simple outline that can help you get the base covered.

Visit the Post Office

The new residents who are shifted to your old house must not receive your letters. Every mail must directly get forwarded to your new house. If you think changing address is a tough job, then you need to reconsider the process as there are just a couple of steps that will require your attention and the rest is done by the post office. You can change the address either via internet or visiting the post office. Fill the USPS change address form number 3575 and provide the details of your old and new residence.

Create a Checklist

Before starting any process, it is best that you create a checklist for avoiding any eleventh hour hustle. Visit relevant organizations or institutions for changing the address. Address provided to banks, utilities, credit card organizations, IRS, magazine and library must be notified about your change in address.

Driver’s License

Altering the address over the driver’s license is one thing that is always forgotten. Hardly anybody remembers to change it. For this, you need to go to the DMV office and fill every necessary detail that is required with a couple of documents. Try reaching to the office earlier than choosing a time of your convenience because the earlier you reach, the quicker you can leave the office.

USPS Change Address Drivers License


Mail Bureaus 

You can find a number of reputed companies that can help you forward the entire bunch of mails to your new address. They help you select the right institution with respect to the feedback or the reviews it has received. On notification, they can change your newsletter subscription or even discontinue your existing utility services.

Minute Details

Once you are done with the major tasks, you can now focus to the minute details. Check the addresses on bank checks, business cards and stationary. Any printed material that is liable to specify your address needs to be altered. If you have kids moving with you, change their registered address at their schools or any affiliated departments. The address mentioned on the tags of luggage must be amended too. Although these are minute details, you cannot afford to ignore them.

It is a major task to move from one place to another. Organizing and packing the items of the house is not the only thing while relocating. Along with you, your mails must also be moved to the new address. Hence, do not forget to make the necessary amendments.

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