Plan your Move a Week Before

Are you planning to move in the next week? Do you think it is really going to be tough to pack everything in just 6-7 days and get ready for the new house? Change of address USPS processing takes a few days to complete. Tying up the loose ends can save your time and efforts. However, did you get time to have a close look for the final detailing? If no, then here is a quick checklist that can help you when you are in a mess and do not have enough time even to think.

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Set Utilities

Contact the companies providing services of utilities for connecting or disconnecting the phone or gas. Many of the companies may need a small reminder call. If you are moving to a new house, discontinue the connection from the old house and get it connected to the new place. Schedule the companies a day before you set your new house for avoiding last minute hassle.

Labeling Strategy

It is important that you maintain a three label method while packing items; categorize them in Fragile, Last Load and Take With You. Use three different colors of stickers to label these three types of boxes. Give red color label to fragile items. Write ‘Handle with Care’ or ‘Fragile’ on top of each box. Paste a large sized red color tape so that even the movers will understand that they need to take proper care while moving such boxes.

Secondly, use green color tape for things that you need to load at the end in the truck. These boxes have items that you will require the moment you reach to the new house and start unloading the truck. Hence, to avoid searching them at the last minute, put a big green tape and write ‘Last Load’ for the movers.

Thirdly, there must be few items that you want to carry with yourself such as safes, files with important documents or jewelry. At such times, stuff the items in one or two boxes but not more than that and place a big blue color tape over it by writing ‘Take with You’. Do not mix these boxes with the ones that you want to load in the truck.

Flexible Schedule

Do not have a tight schedule on the day of moving. Though the trip would be of a couple of hours, add at least two or three more hours to it for having a flexible schedule. You may get a flat tire or have to halt for food or snacks. Hence, calculate every odd you might face and then plan accordingly.

USPS Change Address

Change of address USPS Online

Do not wait for the last moment. Go to the local postal service and opt for Change of address USPS to avoid losing your mails at the old residence. Once you fill the form of Change of address USPS, check if they have updated their records. Follow them up until your old address is replaced with the new one. Change of address USPS service is free for some stipulated time only. Ask relevant questions for understanding the fee to increase the period.

You are never prepared until the time you leave the old house. There are always at least a couple of things forgotten to update or move. To avoid such a situation, always research, plan and then organize.

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